Subsea Cable Intelligence

Subsea Cable Report and Forecast 2016-2025

SOVs Topics include a review of industry progress to date and details of technologies on the horizon, including 66kv array cables and cost effective HVDC solutions.

Offshore wind progress over the coming decade is analysed and discussed along with expected projects and progress in the interconnector markets.

Handy market share analysis of cable suppliers and installers are provided along with useful cost models.

The report concludes with forecasts of project CAPEX and cable supply and installation expenditure through to 2025.

Cable and vessel databases

Included in the service are a set of databases, updated quarterly, which consists of two main workbooks. One focuses on offshore wind cables (i.e. export/array) and the other on the interconnector cables. Both workbooks have the project details, contracts and events. Details of cable vessels working in the sector are also added for complete reference.

Monthly news update

All the essential subsea cable news in one place is delivered to your inbox. News snippets, project progress and development along with updates on the key industry players are summarised for quick and easy digestion.

"The 4C database is much more comprehensive than we expected – it is easily accessible, updated regularly and contains a wealth of relevant up to date information. This has been a very good investment for us and we recommend it as a must for the Wind Farm Vessel Supply Chain."

David Symon

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