Offshore Wind Farms Intelligence

Essential Intelligence to

  • Support business growth
  • Optimise investments
  • Identify project timelines
  • Spot trends and opportunities
  • Identify competitors
  • Realise technology threats
  • Understand country effects

A suite of services, information, news and documents to visualise, track and present market and sector movements.

Breakdown of project pipelines by country, trend analysis of supply chain elements, market macro analysis and global overviews provide you with strategic input to planning, decision making and business development.

Contact us for a sample spreadsheet of randomly selected data to show the variety and depth of the detailed contents or arrange a live demonstration of the database.

Benefit from four related services

Detailed Database

1528+ Global Offshore Wind projects in 38 countries


Over 40 pages with 70+ graphics of analysis

Weekly Updates

Weekly summary of news & significant events

Online Tools

Including interactive dynamic timeline of project events

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Keep on top of the market. Perform analysis. Make informed decisions.

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