Offshore windpower risk and insurance survey

Offshore windpower risk & insurance survey

Genillard & Co, specialists in risks within the offshore wind power sector, have conducted one of the most extensive independent surveys of insurance risk exposure for the offshore wind market.

Conducted over several months, involving numerous interviews with leading offshore wind stakeholders, the sum of all the knowledge obtained has been condensed into a single concise report, and with the support and help of the included offshore wind market forecast is a must have report for any company that has any sort of risk exposure within the sector.

The 65 page report includes:-

Offshore wind Global Market Overview including;
A country capacity overview, trends, various country progress reports covering United Kingdom, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and China. A look into the future examining offshore substation technology, monopile and jacket advancements and increased turbine size and a status review of key elements of the offshore wind supply chain.

Risk management in theory and practice including;
Risk management as a success factor for project performance, existing standards and tools for risk management – methodology, risk and disaster scenarios, Sea Cable saga – a code of practice for sea cable laying.

Insurance Report including;
Insurance coverages – scope of cover available, standard insurance coverages, coverage of guarantee for defects, project-related covers, underwriting considerations of insurers, top loss scenarios of insurance underwriters, insurance experience in Europe, global market premium OWP, actual loss experience, development of insurance rates, insurers and reinsurers active in the OWP market, and ends with the report conclusions and recommendations.

"Impressive consolidation of offshore power cable installation activities in the North West European theatre in one publication."

Andy Readyhough

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