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Subscriber Benefits
Subscribe and receive our database and reports
  • Save months of valuable research time and access all the data from one source
  • Work with confidence using verified, up-to-date information
  • Acquire the contacts in the industry your business needs
  • Perform market analysis and make informed strategic decisions
  • Keep ahead of the latest developments with regular updates

What’s included in the subscription? Benefit from five complementary services and weekly email updates
Offshore Wind Farm Database for Excel Updated every month Download 1400+ offshore wind farms covering 38 countries:
  • Details on capacity, turbine specifications, costs, foundations, substations, converter stations, cabling , marine environment and location
  • Key companies and their role: over 100 roles categorised and 13000+ stakeholders defined, from developers to installers
  • Key planning and installation events in the project lifecycle
Database for Excel

Market Analysis
European Offshore Wind Overview Updated every quarter Pre-performed calculations providing detailed information:
  • Over 40 pages featuring 70+ charts answering the most common analytical questions
  • Contextual insight into market development and supply chain
  • Replace hours of calculation time with instant results
  • Supplied as a PDF with vector graphics for presentation use

Offshore UpdateReleased every month

Detailed, yet compact, monthly news. Stay ahead with latest offshore developments all in one place; news snippets are formatted for quick and easy digestion.

Interactive TimelineLive and online

Compare project timelines online with ease and create custom charts. Filter by country, status or construction stage and mark key dates in just a few simple clicks.

And receive weekly emails detailing new developments!

Monthly News Summary

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