Image of Westermost Rough Substation

Substation Name Westermost Rough Substation correct
Substation Status Operational correct
Latitude 53.80 ° correct
Longitude 0.13 ° correct
Comments Fitted with a helihoist. correct
Cost of the Substation EUR(mill) 30 correct
Cost Description correct
Foundation Type Jacket correct
Foundation Weight 1200 t correct
Foundation Comments 8 skirt piles correct
Topside Weight 1500 t correct
Topside Dimensions (LxWxH) 15x30x15 m correct
Helideck No correct
Number of Transformers 2 correct
Transformer Power 140 MVA correct
Transformer Ratio 34/150 kV correct
Switchgear 3x170kV and 9x34kV GIS correct
Other Equipment 2 auxiliary transformers and 2 earthing resistors. Control & communication rooms (SCADA). LV & utility room. Diesel power room. Public room. correct

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