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Image of S7.0-171

General Information Turbine Name S7.0-171 correct
Manufacturer Samsung Heavy Industries correct
Commercial Availability Prototype correct
Year for Commercial Release 2015 correct
Comments The nacelle is the biggest of its kind in the world. Samsung has received POWERS award for the development of the 7MW offshore wind turbine prototype on May 2013, the award consists of GBP 6.04million. Nacelle and drivetrain were delivered to the Narec testing centre in Northumberland in August 2013. During the six-month testing programme of the nacelle, which began in autumn 2013, some of the harshest climatic conditions will be simulated. The blades are being shipped from Denmark where they have been manufactured by SSP Technology. This will also allow Samsung to set up serial blade production in Korea using the mould set developed by SSP. Samsung launched a strategic review of it's offshore operations and has halted its plans to test the drive train at NAREC. correct
Operating Data Rated Power 7 MW correct
Cut In Wind Speed 3 mps correct
Rated Wind Speed 11.5 mps correct
Cut Out Wind Speed 25 mps correct
Wind Class IEC Class Sb/1a correct
Rotor Diameter 171.2 m correct
Swept Area 23,020 m2 correct
Power Density 3.28 m2/kW correct
Operational Interval correct
Weight correct
Power Regulation Type correct
Electrical Data Generator Type Permanent Magnet Generator correct
Generator Power correct
Number of Generator Units 1 correct
Speed 400 rpm correct
Output Voltage 3,300 V correct
Frequency correct
Converter Type ABB PCS 6000 MV Full Power Converter correct
Gearbox Type Planet flexpin correct
Ratio correct
Blades Type correct
Number 3 correct
Length 83.5 m correct
Weight correct
Blade Material correct
Tower Type correct
Height correct
Weight correct
Nacelle Height 9 m correct
Length 18 m correct
Width correct
Weight correct
Warranty Warranty correct
Selling Points Selling Points
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