V90-3.0 MW Offshore

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Image of V90-3.0 MW Offshore

General Information Turbine Name V90-3.0 MW Offshore correct
Manufacturer Vestas correct
Commercial Availability Available correct
Year for Commercial Release correct
Comments A problem in the gearbox has affected 36 offshore wind turbines. correct
Operating Data Rated Power 3 MW correct
Cut In Wind Speed 4 mps correct
Rated Wind Speed 15 mps correct
Cut Out Wind Speed 25 mps correct
Wind Class IEC IA correct
Rotor Diameter 90 m correct
Swept Area 6,362 m2 correct
Power Density 2.12 m2/kW correct
Operational Interval 8.6-18.4 rpm correct
Weight 41 tonnes correct
Power Regulation Type Pitch regulated with variable speed correct
Electrical Data Generator Type 4 pole doubly fed generator correct
Generator Power 3,000 kW/unit correct
Number of Generator Units 1 correct
Speed correct
Output Voltage 1,000 V correct
Frequency 50/60 Hz correct
Converter Type VCS (Vestas Converter System) correct
Gearbox Type Two planetary stages and one helical stage correct
Ratio 1:104 correct
Blades Type correct
Number 3 correct
Length 44 m correct
Weight 7 tonnes correct
Blade Material Glass fibre/carbon spar with glass fibre airfoil correct
Tower Type Tubular steel tower correct
Height 80/105 m correct
Weight Site-specific tonnes correct
Nacelle Height 5.4 m correct
Length 9.65 m correct
Width 3.65 m correct
Weight 70 tonnes correct
Warranty Warranty Full availability guarantee, under which Vestas pays compensation if the turbine fails to meet the agreed availability targets. correct
Selling Points Selling Points
  • Setting the standard for low-weight, high performance turbines
  • Groundbreaking blade design, reducing loads transferred to the nacelle
  • Innovative nacelle is lighter because its gearbox has an integrated main bearing that eliminates the need for a traditional main shaft
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