Maersk Recorder

"The database has become an invaluable tool with regard to business planning and the regular updates from the 4C Offshore team on the project specifics ensure that, as a tier 1 supplier, we remain well informed and able to react to market developments."

Darren Taylor, NKT Cables

Image of Maersk Recorder

General Information Name Maersk Recorder correct
Other Names correct
Owner Maersk Supply Services correct
Operator DeepOcean Group Holdings correct
Vessel Category Cable Installation
Vessel Description Cable laying vessel correct
Vessel Classification LR ✠100 A1, Cable Laying Ship, LI ✠LMC, UMS, DP(AA), PCR (75) (45) correct
Maximum Endurance correct
Has Heli Deck? Yes correct
Maximum Working Depth correct
Flag Denmark correct
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Build Information Construction Country DE correct
Construction Location Volkschiffswerft Stralsund correct
Year Built 2000 correct
Year Last Converted correct
Date of Delivery 2000 correct
Main Characteristics Length Overall (LOA) 105.8 m correct
Breadth 20 m correct
Minimum Draft correct
Maximum Draft 9.1 m correct
Accommodation 68 persons correct
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Speed Transit Speed 12.2 knots correct
Maximum Speed 14.2 knots correct
Cargo Deck Free Deck Space 1200 m2 correct
Max. Deck Load 10 t/m2 correct
Max. Cargo Weigh correct
Max. Transport Capacity correct
Jacking Max Jacking Speed correct
Num Legs correct
Leg Length correct
Equipment Available for Immediate Charter
Vessel Identification IMO Number 9207053 correct
Call Sign OZXK2 correct
MMSI 219899000 correct
Positioning Dynamic Positioning (DP) Class 2 correct
DP Notes Kongsberg SDP21 correct
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Cranes First Crane Capacity 60 tonnes correct
First Crane Radius correct
First Crane Description A - Frame correct
Second Crane Capacity 30 tonnes correct
Second Crane Radius correct
Second Crane Description Active heave compensated crane with 1500m wire correct
Cable Installation Equipment Bollard Pull 110 tonnes correct
Carousel or Turntable Capacity 7000 tonnes correct
Notes on any carousel or turntable Large cable capacity due to underdeck cable tanks. Can lay 1200 m / hr. Tanks: 2600 x 2 correct
Notes on any tanks correct
Notes Further Notes CTC Marine Projects is a subsidiary of Deepocean. correct
Operator Website Visit correct
Vessel Spec Visit correct

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