MPI Resolution

General Information Name MPI Resolution correct
Other Names correct
Owner MPI Offshore Ltd correct
Operator MPI Offshore Ltd correct
Vessel Category Heavy Maintenance and Construction
Vessel Description Jack-up vessel correct
Vessel Classification DNV✠1A1 Self-elevating Support Unit CRANE EO DYNPOS-AUT correct
Maximum Endurance 30 days correct
Has Heli Deck? No correct
Maximum Working Depth 35 m correct
Flag Netherlands correct
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Build Information Construction Country CN correct
Construction Location Shanhaiguan Shipyard correct
Year Built 2003 correct
Year Last Converted correct
Date of Delivery 2003 correct
Main Characteristics Length Overall (LOA) 130 m correct
Breadth 38 m correct
Minimum Draft 3.4 m correct
Maximum Draft 4.3 m correct
Accommodation 70 persons correct
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Speed Transit Speed 11 knots correct
Maximum Speed correct
Cargo Deck Free Deck Space 3200 m2 correct
Max. Deck Load 10 t/m2 correct
Max. Cargo Weigh 4875 tonnes correct
Max. Transport Capacity correct
Jacking Max Jacking Speed 0.5 m/min correct
Num Legs 6 correct
Leg Length 71.8 m correct
Equipment Available for Immediate Charter
Design Criteria Max Operable Significant Wave Height 2.8 m correct
Max Operable Tide Current 1 m/s correct
Max Operable Wind Speed 15.3 m/s correct
Vessel Identification IMO Number 9260134 correct
Call Sign C4SN2 correct
MMSI 246777000 correct
Positioning Dynamic Positioning (DP) Class 1 correct
DP Notes Kongsberg K-POS DP-21 correct
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Cranes First Crane Capacity 600 tonnes correct
First Crane Radius 25 m correct
First Crane Description Main Crane: Huisman 600Mt Pedestal Mounted

Main Hoist 600t @ 25m radius (Jacked up Fixed to Fixed)

Aux Hoist 30t@ 92.5m (Jacked up)
Second Crane Capacity 50 tonnes correct
Second Crane Radius 35 m correct
Second Crane Description Auxiliary Crane: Kenz EHC 50/3500 O.S correct
Max. Lifting Capacity 600 tonnes correct
Notes Further Notes First purpose built vessel for the offshore wind market. Utilities include: Client Offices, Hospital, Conference Room, Gymnasium, Coffee Shop, Galley, Laundry, Mess Room, Male/Female Locker Rooms & WC’s. The vessel has been on long term charter with E.On under a framework agreement. correct
Operator Website Visit correct
Vessel Spec Visit correct

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