Rhiannon Wind Farm
2,200 MW Cancelled United Kingdom

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Objections to wind turbines not strong enough
Bournemouth Echo
THE objections presented by MPs, elected Councillors and citizens of the area is the strongest and most extensively argued, on all points, of any offshore wind farm in the UK. Approval by Planning Inspectorate Assessment Team would mean that none of the ...
Source: news.google.com
01/10/2014 07:12:19

NREL Software Tool a Boon for Wind Industry
Across the Great Plains and at many spots offshore, if you see one wind turbine, you're likely to see a dozen or a hundred. A wind farm provides economies of scale -- contract with a farmer or win a permit for offshore wind, and it makes sense to erect multiple ...
Source: news.google.com
01/10/2014 01:12:19

Offshore wind farm cable plans get council green light
Banffshire Journal
... an underground power cable run through the heart of the area, carrying electricity from a huge offshore wind farm has been approved. Councillors have given their backing to the application from Moray Offshore Renewables Ltd (MORL) to install the 20-mile ...
Source: news.google.com
30/09/2014 23:24:40

Optimal timing of wind farm repowering: a two-factor real options analysis
For more than twenty years now, wind power has been one of the main renewable energy sources. Whereas offshore wind utilization still has a high risk profile, the repowering of wind converters offers an interesting alternative to further increase the use of ...
Source: news.google.com
30/09/2014 14:44:29

Curtailment solutions boost confidence in China
Windpower Monthly (subscription)
In a written notice dated 5 June, the NEA put forward its first programme for an offshore wind-power grid feed-in tariff (FIT). The document put FIT rates, which will be for offshore wind at CNY 0.85/kWh ($0.136/kWh) and for intertidal installations at CNY ...
Source: news.google.com
30/09/2014 14:43:50

DONG Energy's 258 MW Extension To Burbo Bank Wind Farm Given Go Ahead
The proposed 258 MW extension to the Burbo Bank offshore wind farm that was recently put forward by developer DONG Energy has been given the go ahead by authorities, according to recent reports. Once completed, that will increase the total capacity of ...
Source: news.google.com
30/09/2014 11:03:55

Swire Blue Ocean A/S signs key contract for provision of installation vessel ...
PortNews IAA
Projects in 2014 include the completion of the foundation installation campaign by Pacific Orca for Borkum Riffgrund 1 for Dong Energy and the installation of wind turbine generators on Dan Tysk Offshore Windfarm by Pacific Osprey for Vattenfall, amongst ...
Source: news.google.com
30/09/2014 10:05:05

Shanghai Zhenhua sued by UK firm Fluor for £250m
South China Morning Post (subscription)
The two companies in 2008 signed a €234 million (HK$2.3 billion) contract in which Shanghai Zhenhua agreed to design, construct and deliver steel monopiles to Fluor for the Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm in Suffolk. Opened in September 2012, the ...
Source: news.google.com
30/09/2014 05:59:01

North Coates Flying Club may be forced to close if wind farm compounds go ahead
Grimsby Telegraph
CAMPAIGNERS insist changes to plans to build works compounds for an offshore wind farm don't go far enough to lift the threat of closure hanging over their airfield. As reported, North Coates Airfield could be forced to close if renewables firm SMart Wind ...
Source: news.google.com
29/09/2014 08:34:59

Green light for huge Liverpool Bay wind farm
Insider Media
Simon Ridley, chief executive of the Planning Inspectorate, said: "This is a significant application for the offshore wind energy sector. The Examining Authority took full account of views from communities, particularly in the north west of England, who might be ...
Source: news.google.com
29/09/2014 07:07:38

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Project Details for Rhiannon Wind Farm
General Information Name Rhiannon Wind Farm correct
Other names Zone 9, Irish Sea South East Potential Development Area, Celtic Array Rhiannon correct
Country name United Kingdom correct
Region Wales, North correct
Comments Multiple offshore HVAC stations.

Not yet determined whether HVDC offshore transmission will be incorporated. It is unlikely that HVDC will be used but it is considered the maximum worst case scenario. A HVAC transmission system would consist of up to 8 HVAC collector substations, AC array cables and up to 12 transmission cables. A HVDC transmission system would consist of up to 8 HVAC collector substations, up to 4 HVDC converter stations, AC array cables, HVAC cables from the HVAC collector stations to the HVDC converter stations and up to 12 transmission cables.

Number of met masts = 1

Turbine numbers 146 x 15MW to 440 x 4 or 5MW. Rotor diamter 140-265, hub height 115-178 and total tip height 185-310.

July 2014 The Crown Estate invited all Round 3 developers to revise the terms of their agreement as the projects transition from zone appraisals to project development. This could mean that zone development agreements are replaced with project specific contractural agreements.
Round (or category) Round 3 correct
Development status Cancelled correct
Comments on the status Cancellation - The developers, Centrica and DONG, and the Crown Estate have agreed that the developers will cease development on the entire zone and terminate their seabed rights. The assessment of the zone has shown challenging ground conditions which using current technology make the project economically unviable. There are no plans to re-offer the zone to the market.

Rhiannon is the first phase, comprising of 4x500MW projects, with FID on the first 500MW in 2016. 18-24 month staggering thereafter.
Power & Turbines Notice any Errors? You can keep this an open resource by submitting corrections!
Project Capacity 2,200 MW correct
Turbine Model Not Decided correct
Turbine Capacity 4 MW - 15 MW correct
Number of Turbines 146 - 440 correct
Total Turbine Height correct
Hub Height 185.00 m correct
Rotor Diameter correct
Foundation Not Decided (Various options under consideration including hybrids.) correct
Windspeed 10 Year Mean Wind Speed (2000-2009) Available online now
Detailed wind speed data 6 hr/day/month historic data
Costs Stated Project Cost correct
Location & Environment Sea name Irish Sea (Irish Sea) correct
Centre latitude 53.675° correct
Centre longitude -4.238° correct
Area 497 km2 correct
Depth range (Chart Datum) 36 m - 66 m correct
Depth range stated by developer 36 m - 83 m correct
Distance From Shore (reported) 19 km correct
Distance From Shore (computed from centre) 29.7 km correct
Ports Installation base correct
Ops and maintenance correct
Grid Converter platforms 4 correct
Offshore transformers 8 correct
Grid connection point Rhosgoch, Anglesey correct
Cable landing point Anglesey between Bull Bay and Port Lynas correct
Export Cables
Please note that export cables connect the offshore transformer (substation) to either; shore or an offshore HVAC-HVDC converter station for onward transmission via HVDC cabling. Please see the converters page for planned converter stations and transmission cables.

The export cable length does not generally include the onshore component. The exception is when the onshore substation is close to shore.
Number of Export Cables 12 correct
Average length per cable 41.08 km correct
Transmission type (e.g. HVAC) correct
Nominal voltage 132 kV correct
Maximum voltage 400 kV correct
Power rating correct
Number of cores correct
Conductor type correct
Section Area correct
Insulation correct
Number fibre optics correct
Export minimum bend radius (MBR) correct
Burial depth correct
Comments 493km of export cabling will be used regardless of using either a HVAC system or a HVDC system. In a HVDC system there will be both HVAC export cabling and HVDC transmission cabling. correct
Onshore Cables Number of onshore cables 30 correct
Average length per cable 0 km correct
Comments Land fall and grid connection point to be decided correct
Array Cables Array cable length 1020 km correct
Estimated cable length LogIn
Transmission type (e.g. MVAC) correct
Nominal voltage correct
Maximum voltage 66 kV correct
Burial depth correct
Number of cores 3 correct
Conductor type Copper correct
Section 1000 mm2 correct
Insulation correct
Power rating correct
Number of fibre optics correct
Minimum bend radius (MBR) correct
Comments correct
Benefits Homes powered annually 1435149 correct
CO2 reduced per year 2900436 tonnes correct
SO2 reduced per year 67452 tonnes correct
Expected life 25.0 years correct
Other Website Visit correct