Mingyang Smart Energy inks Brazillian offshore wind MoU

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The Government of Ceará has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Chinese company Mingyang Smart Energy, with the intention of installing offshore wind technology off the coast of northeastern Brazil. sea. Governor Camilo Santana received MingYang's Smart Energy VP, Larry Wang, at Abolição Palace.

“Ceará is a pioneer state in Brazil in the process of renewable energies, both wind and solar. We want to take our vanguard back,”
said Governor Santana.

“I have been in charge of the Government for five years and 9 months and we have tried to stimulate and intensify this policy of investment in renewable energies throughout its chain, because we believe that it is important for Ceará and for the world”,
he added.

“In the last five consecutive years it was the State that made the most public investment in Brazil, proportional to its current net revenue. We have the only Export Processing Zone in operation in Brazil and important developments installed that provide for companies in other states in Brazil ... We have tried to speed up the actions of investors in Ceará, what we call Ceará Veloz, a platform that we have built over the years".

The company's intention to set up in Ceará takes into account factors such as geographic location that ensure potential for the generation of electric energy from renewable sources, with an emphasis on offshore wind technology.

“Offshore is not simply the generation of renewable energy. It is the major driver of economic development for each country and region where this system is installed,”
said Larry Wang, Vice President of the multinational Mingyang.

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