Taiwanese wind farm faces rejection

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Construction permits for the Guanyin offshore wind farm off the Taiwanese coastline could be rejected, following concerns it may affect flights from the Taoyuan Airport.

The wind farm passed its Environmental Impact Assessment in 2017. However, it is in the process of reviewing its analysis with the Environmental Protection Agency due to several changes. The Taiwanese Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs has since revealed its intention to pull the project's permit, following a three-year dispute with the Civil Aviation Administration.

The Civil Aviation Administration opposed the installation of wind turbines within a 10-mile radius of Taoyuan Airport, citing concerns about the height of wind turbines, air turbulence during take-off and landing, the regulations on building height prohibitions, and the impact on aviation communications and navigation.

The project is being developed by wpd offshore GmbH, a subsidiary of wpd, a globally active developer and operator of onshore and offshore wind farms headquartered in Germany. With an intended capacity of 350 MW, it was originally expected to generate power in 2022. It would have seen the installation of over 100 turbines.

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