Opportunities are great, but so are the risks.

Your business planning and business strategy must be based on facts, the best expertise, and most complete understanding of the market context and its progression. By cutting through the rhetoric we answer the questions you need answers to, enabling you to select appropriate strategies to take your business forward in uncertain times.

Facts can ruin a great theory. 4C Offshore has an unrivalled understanding of how Global Offshore Wind and Grid markets operate. We have the facts on the Offshore wind and Offshore power projects worldwide, and the respective supply chains. We plot the cable route, locate the wind turbine, track the ship, follow the news, read the planning applications and so much more.

Our team monitor changes in technologies, capital, legislation, politics, developer performance, stakeholder results, insurance claims and trends and more. With an ever changing supply chain we can identify bottlenecks and surpluses.

Each project event, stakeholder, finance, Government and supply chain announcement is contextualised to ensure cause and effect is understood. Our analysts and researchers use proprietary market-leading technology and systems capturing project intelligence, seabed information, vessels, company data, ports, meteorology, and more.

We maintain detailed information on:

  • 1390+ Offshore Wind projects in 38 countries, with upto 100+ specific detailed areas.
  • 11200+ Contracts with Key companies inc. developers, manufacturers, installers etc.
  • 180+ Offshore wind turbine models.
  • 435+ Construction vessels.
  • 420+ Crew transfer vessels.
  • Key installation Equipment
  • Power cable routes & landings
  • Converters
  • Substations
  • Seabed sediments
  • News and events
  • Government policy & legislation

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Keep on top of the market. Perform analysis. Make informed decisions.



We offer you a proven track record and provide you support with your project ensuring best practice and best solutions and develop appropriate risk mitigation strategies.

North American Project Developer - 2014

Study into monopile/gravity base foundation manufacture and installation costs. c/w CAPEX & OPEX study.

Multi-role offshore services - 2014

Research into the value of the offshore wind market with relation to the company’s services c/w preparation of a presentation for the board of directors.

Engineering Services - 2014

Competitor analysis, market perception and detailed forecast of demand for foundation design.

Anonymous - 2014

Turbine Manufacturing Expert opinion in support of legal proceedings relating to land use.

Multinational Ship Yard - 2013

Research into current and future demand for specialist vessels used in the offshore wind sector – crew transfer, Service Operations, O&M jack-ups and cable lay vessels

Ship Owner - 2013

For a client quantifying the DP2 cable vessel demand in the European Offshore wind market. Required analysis of European Offshore windfarm soils, water depths, project pipeline, planned and  likely start dates, trenching requirements and market.

Asian TSO - 2013

Research into costs associated with offshore substations, converters and logistics/installation.

Heavy Industries - 2013

Detailed Analysis of European offshore wind jacket demand and competitor analysis

International Investment Bank - 2012

Investment risk analysis of European Manufacturer seeking investment. Due Diligence covering materials supply, material flow, sales pipeline, market competitors, current market demand, forecast demand, Political & Policy effects and new technology impact.

Ship Owner - 2012

The development of real time competitor and project analysis with integrated AIS tracking, charters, news, vessel spec. Allowing the client to identifying project and spot market opportunities early. This integrated specialised tools, databases and had web interfacing.

Trade Association - 2011

Quantification of the regional supply chain opportunity during construction and O&M for a Round 3 offshore wind project. Required building a complex and detailed supply chain model identifying 762 sub categories of assembly/services.

Regional Government

Identify all major energy related infrastructure developments (2011-2030)inclu. preparing UK wide regionalised maps c/w reports detailing major T&D, Nuclear, renewable, carbon capture, underground coal, harbours & airport infrastructure projects. Also included Transportation, potable & waste water, sea & fluvial flood defences, waste management & resources.

IMR Company

Technical and market size knowledge of all Offshore Windfarms due for construction in 2013 - 2015 to identify market requirement for cable trenching, cable stabilisation and/or protection. 4C developed an independent high level assessment of likely soil type and the range of suitable trenching equipment.

Aggregates Supplier 2011

Detailed forecast of aggregates demand used in Foundation and cable protection. Identified scour likelihood and scour extent. Extensive use of 4C proprietary GIS systems and data, as well as combination of technical and commercial teams.

Some of our clients

Call +44 (0)1502 307 037 for more information

Keep on top of the market. Perform analysis. Make informed decisions.

Keep on top of the market. Perform analysis. Make informed decisions.

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