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Our experienced and qualified consultancy team specializes in the analysis of the offshore wind and transmission cable markets. Detailed Comprehensive Reports

Clear and Comprehensive Reports

Market Context

In-depth summaries of government attitudes, policy insights, subsidy mechanisms and overall market attractiveness


Empirical evidence and trends for offshore components and projects based on extensive market research.

Credible Forecasts

Projection derived from insight into real project pipelines and future market outlooks.

Supply Chain

Market share, supply and demand and competitor analysis.

Full access to insights across all areas of offshore wind and energy

Over the past decade, we've built a unique product offering to serve offshore wind developers, investors, and governments worldwide. Our consultants have full access to all of the 4C Offshore market intelligence database. This includes global project pipelines, vessels, stakeholders, country-specific developments and GIS data. With the collaborative approach between our in-house researchers, experts, and engineers, our consultancy team provides expert support for client's projects during planning and execution.

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  • Detailed supply chain analysis, including market share, assets and facilities, production capacities and corporate relationships, giving you a global overview of the industry stakeholders, competitors and future opportunities.

  • Identify and gather due diligence of potential acquisition targets with insights and assessments of the market context (political, environmental and legislative drivers) across different geographies, highlighting optimal investment opportunities. We identify the most effective entry points and attractive markets through a thorough assessment of the competitive landscape and emerging demand.

  • A comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape and emerging demand can identify your company's most attractive market position, given its current or future assets and capabilities.
  • Compare your market share and capabilities to those of your competitors.

  • How big is the potential market for your new technology?
  • We can advise you where to focus your research by breaking down the technical challenges facing the industry.

  • Identification and due diligence of acquisition targets. Reduce the risk of investment decisions by being well-informed on the dynamics of supply and demand, and technological trends.

  • In-house training and presentations.

  • Market surveys.
  • Expert witness services and evidence preparation.
Our Approach

Strong relationships across the supply chain.

TGS builds and maintains relationships across the global offshore wind and transmission and cable value chain through its market intelligence research activities. The company can draw on this network to verify and validate the assumptions and findings of its research. We work hard to maintain trust between ourselves and our network, allowing us to collaborate in mutually beneficial ways. Where appropriate, non-disclosure agreements or anonymity arrangements are used to ensure the integrity of communications and intellectual property protection.

Establishing Scope

We can agree on a detailed methodology with clients at the proposal stage of a project, and to ensure you get the most value possible from our services we collaborate at the earliest stages to ensure the work we do is covering the desired scope. Our consultants will work with you to plan the project in a way that will benefit you most and deliver the highest quality and value possible. Before a project begins, the client will have a clear idea of the answers they'll receive from our report. They'll also know how we plan to answer their questions, helping us maintain integrity and transparency in every project stage.

Our Approach

Solutions across the Value Chain



TGS provides insights and assessments of the market context across different geographies, highlighting optimal investment opportunities. This includes market scale, visibility, environmental conditions, site development approaches, grid connection models, and financial incentive mechanisms. Our experts can also clarify and assess the political objectives and regulatory regimes underpinning different markets giving your business the knowledge necessary to position itself for growth.



TGS supports manufacturers of principal components and subcomponents by answering critical questions related to strategic decisions around facility investments, acquisitions or technology developments. This can include a detailed supply-side analysis of the competitive landscape, e.g., market share, facilities, production capacity, technical capability, location and market dynamics.

Quantifying demand, value and trends in market drivers also provides visibility on future opportunities and threats.



Positioning your business for future growth requires a detailed understanding of trends in demand and the capabilities of the competition. 4C can provide detailed insight into main component technology trends and future developments

Understanding temporal and spatial trends ensures newly introduced installation assets are attractive to developers or existing assets are most effectively deployed. TGS maintains detailed records of supply chain activity, contracting strategies, installation rates, port visits and site conditions. These provide insights into competitors' key performance criteria and changing procurement models.



The TGS consultancy team can provide the answers to questions that are key to the success of an O&M provider. This includes understanding which problems cost the industry the most money or which maintenance methods your competitors use.

Our consultants have access to detailed records of supply chain activity and wind farm O&M interventions collected by our researchers, which enables them to provide you with answers to and insights into the most critical questions.

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Our consultancy team leverages full access to 4C Offshore's marketing intelligence and databases, covering new and emerging markets globally. Premium subscribers utilize our database to identify early-stage project acquisition opportunities in these valuable regions. Our team also benefits from market update reports and regulatory framework cheat sheets, which offer a concise and detailed understanding of the opportunities, challenges, processes, regulations, timelines, and government agencies involved in these markets.

Gain in-depth analyses of market dynamics, cost structures, and supply chains and receive reliable forecasts essential for making informed investment decisions and advancing business growth. Our custom reports, supported by detailed workbooks and robust data, offer clear and comprehensive insights underpinned by rigorous analysis conducted by industry specialists.