Subsea Trenching System: SCAR 2 Details

Subsea Trenching System: SCAR 2 Information

General Info

Addtional Specs

  • Width: 10m
  • Length: 14m
  • Height: 2.90m

Subsea Trenching System: SCAR 2

The Subsea Trenching System: SCAR Plough has been developed to deliver an all-in-one or one-part solution to seabed preparation - boulder clearing / trenching and cable/pipeline/umbilical lay and backfill operations.

In Boulder Clearance mode SCAR can remove boulders from a pre-determined corridor from 10m wide in one pass, and can clear to significantly wider corridor using multiple passes (trialled to 20m).

In Trenching / Multipass mode SCAR can cut 1.4m in the first pass and significantly deeper with each subsequent multipass.

Bespoke feeder / cradle design to suit the cable / umbilical / pipeline in lay configuration, with pre-cut, simultaneous, post lay and remedial options.

Backfill mode offers a low risk solution to burying product to variable depths. In Backfill mode it will bury product, moving spoils back in to the trench.

Operated sucessfully in harsh work environments 'West of Shetland' and Humber Gateway.