Subsea 3M Cable Plough Details

Subsea 3M Cable Plough Information

General Info

Addtional Specs

  • Width: 5.10m
  • Length: 9.10m
  • Height: 4.40m

Pharos has been directly involved with over 750,000km of subsea cable installation and burial including over 6,000km of 3m burial. They provide subsea trenching and burial equipment spreads along with experienced operational and maintenance teams.

This recently refurbished SMD built subsea cable plough is capable of 3-meter burial in various soil conditions. The hydraulic functions include trench depth control, cable depressor, operating draw bar, controlling stabilisers and controlling repeater flaps. Hydraulic pressure is provided by a subsea 7.5 kW electro-hydraulic power pack. The system APU connections allow deck checks and function tests while on deck.

The monitoring and surveillance systems include cameras, obstacle avoidance sonar and positioning beacons. Roll and pitch is monitored by an inclinometer inside pod. A pressure transducer monitors water depth while a depth skid monitors trench depth through an in-cylinder displacement transducer. The plough has starboard and port load-cells integral to the tow points for tow load readings and the cable tension is also monitored by a load cell. The distance travelled is tracked via an encoder in the cable travel wheel.

The spread includes a full set of strategic spares, umbilical winch, tow winch, control cabin, spares van and more. The spread also includes a portable case with 20m connecting cable, transformer and insulation monitor for single phase pod supply, control PC, PC components and wireless telemetry components. Different launch and recovery (LARS) A Frame options can be discussed.