15Te Horizontal Tensioner Details

15Te Horizontal Tensioner Information

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Swan Hunter provide Tensioners for installation and storage of cables, umbilicals and flexible pipelines.
The Swan Hunter 15Te Tensioner features:

  • 15Te Line Pull
  • Manual / Render / Constant Tensioner operational modes
  • 60mm – 254mm Product OD range
  • 850m/hr Max Lay Rate
  • Can be Integrated with Loading Tower and Carousel to provide a Fully Synchronised, Failsafe, Lay Spread
  • Horizontal Configuration allows for Straightforward Product Termination Head Passing with assistance from Vessel Crane
  • Adjustable Width Rollerbox supports at track entry and exit
  • Product Specific Track Pads available – Track Profile and Material Compound
  • Road Transportable
  • Supplied complete with base frame

    Please see attached specification sheet for our 15Te Tensioner.

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