2000Te – 7000Te Modular Basket Carousel Details

2000Te – 7000Te Modular Basket Carousel Information

General Info

Swan Hunter provide offshore carousels for installation and storage of cables, umbilicals and flexible pipelines. Our modular carousels are offered with storage capacities of 2000Te, 2500Te, 5500Te, and 7000Te, with 15m, 18m, 23m, and 28m outer diameters respectively.

Additional Swan Hunter basket carousel features include:

  • Modular Basket Carousel Design to suit Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind Flexible/Umbilical/Cable Lay Markets.
  • 6m Basket Height (Extendable)
  • 4.5m - 8m variable Inner Hub Diameter
  • Basket Partitions available
  • Single combined lift capability of Circular Base Grillage, Turntable, Hub and Drive System - reducing vessel and quayside mobilisation time.
  • Design allows for a Single Lift of the 18m Carousel with 1500Te of product pre-loaded.
  • Low Profile Circular Grillage optimises vessel deck space enhancing its suitability for smaller offshore wind installation vessels.
  • Can be offered as carousel only, or with dedicated spooling tower, and deck tensioner. The carousel HPU is integrated within the loading tower structure.
  • Hydraulic Drives / Controls can be integrated with spooling tensioner and lay tensioner to provide a fully synchronised, failsafe, lay spread.
Please see attached specification sheet for our 18m OD carousel.
4C Offshore | 2000Te – 7000Te Modular Basket Carousel  Image