Ørsted expands Swedish offshore wind pipleline to 18 GW

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: Tom Russell 16/01/2023 Ørsted

Ørsted has applied for permission to build four more large-scale offshore wind farms in Sweden. With the applications, Ørsted claims its Swedish portfolio will grow to a potential combined production capacity of 18 GW.

Once all the permits are in place and with a plan to expand the main grid offshore, Ørsted aims to deliver the first commercial-scale offshore wind project in Sweden, Skåne Havsvindpark, by 2029. Ørsted believes that the additional four projects can be delivered over the next ten years.

The new projects that Ørsted is talking about today (16 January 2023) can produce power in western, southern and central Sweden. The plan for when the projects are to be completed coincides with Svenska kraftnät's plan for expansion of the main grid offshore. Thus, Ørsted plans to deliver new electricity as soon as the electricity grid can receive it.

The new projects are named Kattegat (1.5 GW), Baltic Central (4 GW), Gävle East and Gävle West (5.5 GW + 4 GW) and are aimed to be generating power by 2032. The projects are located outside Halmstad and Falkenberg, Karlskrona Gävle, Ävlkarleby, Tierp and Östhammar. They join the company's portfolio in Sweden which already includes Skåne Havsvindpark and Gotland offshore wind farm.

"We aim to complete our existing project that we have come the furthest along in Sweden, Skåne Offshore Wind Farm with a production capacity of 1.5 GW, as early as 2029 if all relevant permits are in place in 2023. By building on our recent progress with Skåne Offshore Wind Park is this another step in Ørsted's plans to become a major long-term investor in and developer of fossil-free energy production in Sweden. I look forward to delivering together with the government and local actors on the government's priority: new electricity production that contributes to a rapid expansion of the power system,"
said Sebastian Hald Buhl, Sweden manager at Ørsted.

"Sweden needs all the electricity production it can get and offshore wind power is clearly the fastest way to get the volumes needed to lower electricity prices. Lower energy prices in turn reduce the need for government electricity price support. Our offshore wind power projects are strategically placed to deliver electricity where it is needed most, and can contribute to reducing the need for expensive upgrades in the transmission network from northern Sweden to places where electricity is needed in the south. Therefore, we consider that offshore grid connections are a good and cost-effective investment for Sweden,"
said Jesper Kühn Olesen, project director for Ørsted's offshore wind farms in Sweden.