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Ørsted forms foundation crew

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: Tom Russell 25/10/2018 Ørsted
Ørsted has chosen to contract Sif Group (Sif), EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH (EEW SPC) and Bladt Industries (Bladt) as the suppliers for the monopiles and transition pieces for Borssele 1&2  wind farm project off the coast of the Netherlands.

Sif's and EEW SPC will produce 47 monopiles each (94 total). This follows an announcement yesterday (24th October) that EEW SPC's subsidiary EW OSB has been commissioned to supply 35 transition for the project.

Bladt will also supply 35 transition pieces and stated that the fabrication is planned to start up very shortly at its facilities in Aalborg, Denmark.

The remaining 24 transition pieces will be contracted later this year according to Ørsted.

Steven Engels, General Manager Continental Western Europe for Ørsted: “It is great to see that our Borssele project is right on schedule. With these contracts for the foundations we’ve finished the procurement process for the main, large contracts. We’ve contracted the suppliers for foundations, turbines, cables, installation of all components and we also have an O&M base. Now we are heading into a new phase of the project: component fabrication and later offshore construction.”

Richard Jongen, Commercial Manager Wind Sif: “This is the first time Sif is going to manufacture the offshore foundations for a wind project on behalf of Ørsted. With our new assembly facility and state-of-the-art deep-sea quay on Maasvlakte II (Port of Rotterdam), Sif is ideally located and perfectly equipped to efficiently produce and deliver the monopile foundations. Sif is very pleased to contribute to a successful offshore wind project off the Dutch coast such as Borssele 1+2."

Heiko Mützelburg, Managing Director/CEO at EEW SPC: "With this order we are off to a good start in 2019. In addition, with the Dutch offshore wind project Borssele  1 & 2 we are able to deliver from EEW OSB outside the UK for the first time. We again thank Ørsted for the trustful relationship we built up in the past.”

Lars Bender, Vice President, Head of Commercial & Sales, Bladt Industries: “We have worked closely together with Ørsted for the last decade on fabrication of foundations and substations. We highly appreciate the cooperation and partnership with Ørsted – and we are very happy to continue our close cooperation on Ørsted’s first project in the Netherlands.”

Ørsted won the rights to Borssele 1&2 in July 2016 with an average bid strike price, excluding transmission costs, of 72.70 EUR/MWh for the first 15 years of the project's operation.The project will have a capacity of 752MW and is located 23km off the coast of Zeeland (Westkappele). It is expected to provide power to around 500,000 households once completed.

Ørsted has also recently made several other important contract awards for the project:

·        GeoSea (part of DEME Group) has been awarded a contract for transportation and installation of the 94 foundations and turbines. The contract scope also includes scour protection supply and installation.

· A2SEA (a subsidiary of GeoSea) will provide installation vessels to transport and install the 94 Siemens Games SG 8.0-167 direct drive turbines with a 167m rotor.

·        Van Oord has been awarded the contract to transport, install and bury 167km inter array cables and will deploy its dedicated cable-laying vessel Nexus and trencher Dig-It to install and bury the cables to a depth of 2m.

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