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50Hertz awards Gennaker export cable contracts

4C Offshore | Sue Allen
By: Sue Allen 25/08/2023 50Hertz
TSO 50Hertz has awarded two major contracts for submarine and land cables in the Baltic Sea to the suppliers Hellenic Cables and Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Submarine Cable (ZTT). The TSO’s supervisory board, which includes representatives of the majority shareholder Elia Group, KfW and representatives of the employee side, has given the go-ahead for the order. The cables are intended to connect the Gennaker OWF to the German extra-high voltage grid.

This follows the order placed a few months ago with a Dutch-Belgian shipyard consortium for the construction of two offshore substation platforms, the current cable award is another important step on the way to completing this major project.

In total, the cable award involves three 220 kV systems with a connection capacity of 927 MW, which will be routed onshore from two offshore substation platforms (OSS). In addition, a cross-connection between the offshore platforms (OSS) Zingst and Darß is planned. The two systems between the OSS-Darss and the onshore substation are to be supplied by Hellenic Cables, while the 88km cable between the OSS-Zingst and the onshore substation as well as the connecting cable between the two platforms is to be supplied and installed by ZTT.

Gennaker is to be the most powerful offshore wind farm in the German Baltic Sea yet. It is located around 15km north of the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula in the coastal sea of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. 50Hertz is responsible for the entire grid connection project under the name Grid Connection OST-6-1. The planning approval procedure is currently being prepared at the Ministry of Economics, Infrastructure, Tourism and Labour of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The public participation process for the route of the landline and for the location of a substation has already begun.

About Hellenic Cables

Hellenic Cables is one of the largest cable producers in Europe, manufacturing power and telecom cables as well as submarine cables for various industries, including offshore wind and utilities, as well as undertaking turnkey power transmission and distribution projects. Through its fully owned subsidiary Fulgor, Hellenic Cables operates its submarine cables plant in Corinth, Greece, where the production and testing of some of the longest submarine cable lengths without factory joints on a worldwide basis is empowered by the Company’s state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Since 2012, Hellenic Cables has implemented a EUR 350 million-investment plan for the production of high and extra high-voltage submarine cables at Corinth plant. Hellenic Cables represents the cable production segment of Cenergy Holdings SA.

About ZTT

ZTT Group (Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co., Ltd.) has a diversified industrial portfolio that includes marine equipment, renewable energy, new materials, smart grid, optical communications, and other diversified industrial products. With 80 global subsidiary companies and over 16,000 employees, ZTT is one of the largest advanced manufacturing enterprises in China and is listed among the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises.

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