£450 million SeAH monopile manufacturing facility begins to take shape

The £450 million SeAH monopile manufacturing facility is beginning to take shape as facilities on the site are being completed.

After construction began on the 90 acre site in the summer, facilities are now taking shape with the construction of two new concrete batching plants now complete to supply the materials for the mammoth facility. The first concrete plant has now started production, with the second plant expected to be operational in January 2023.

Development of the new concrete plants cost £3 million, with each set to produce 120 cubic metres of concrete every hour. This machinery will operate for 10 hours per day, but has the ability to be upped to 24 hours if needed.

Once fully operational, the facility is expected to produce between 100 and 150 monopiles per year. After this, the monopiles will be transported directly from the factory to Teesworks' new South Bank Quay facility, before heading to the North Sea for installation.

The first confirmed contract for the SeAH facility is Orsted's 2.8 GW
Hornsea 3 offshore wind project in the North Sea. The monopiles are expected to be fabricated by the second quarter of 2026 and will range from 1300-1400 tons, with diameters greater than 10 metres.

The facility is also greatly benefitting the local community by creating 750 direct jobs and 1500 indirect jobs, with four in five workers employed in building the project coming from the region.

Ben Houchen, Tees Valley Mayor, said: "The SeAH project is a vital piece of our Teeswork jigsaw. It's great to see how far it has come just months on from the first spade going in the found in summer.

"Skilled engineers and workers, who've had to travel for hundreds of miles from Teeside, Darlington and Hartlepool in the past, are now working close to home on a game-changing scheme with excellent facilities on offer in well-paid jobs."

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