ABPmer enhances metocean information in Northeast Asia

In: Corporate
To support its offshore wind clients in north-east Asia, ABPmer has further refined its SEASTATES metocean information across this region.

ABPmer stated that it has enhanced its regional model resolution, along with simulating winds and waves associated with historical tropical cyclones, and has provided further characterisation of the meteorological and oceanographic processes.  

The 40-year metocean hindcast database derived from this work is being used as a basis for site characterisation and workability assessments. It can also be used to inform engineering design and programme planning.

Robin Stephens, ABPmer’s Metocean Business Manager, said: “Having assisted the UK offshore windfarm market since its inception, ABPmer is increasingly supporting developments in new offshore wind markets across the globe.

“Refining our metocean information in places of interest ensures clients continue to make decisions based upon robust, cost-effective metocean data and analysis, backed by our regional experience and process knowledge.”

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