ABPmer supports wind farm development in the Irish Sea

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 14/06/2022 ABPmer
ABPmer has been commissioned by Energie Baden-Wüerttemberg AG (EnBW) and international energy company bp to provide detailed metocean design information for the new Morgan and Mona offshore wind farms in the eastern Irish Sea.

In addition to delivering metocean design and operating criteria for the wind farms and export cable corridors, ABPmer will support the partnership during the certification process. ABPmer will use its local oceanographic and marine physical process expertise to build and calibrate bespoke numerical hydrodynamic and spectral wave models for the project.

The model allows the ABPmer team to generate nearly 45 years of continuous site-specific timeseries data, at every cell in the model mesh. The team will then use tools to derive the extensive suite of metocean criteria needed by the engineering teams and certification body.

Heidi Roberts, ABPmer Project Director said: “This exciting project comes at a time of intense activity in the offshore wind industry, and we’re really pleased to be providing the metocean data which will support the design, construction and operation of the Morgan and Mona OWFs.”

Morgan and Mona are planned to have a combined generating capacity of 3 GW, to power the equivalent of 3.4 million UK households with electricity. The sites cover approximately 860 km2 and are located around 60 km off the coast of Aberdeen.

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