Acciona Energía grows its Italian offshore wind pipeline

Acciona Energía has been busy growing its floating offshore wind pipeline in Italy, having submitted requests for maritime state concession for five project totalling 4 GW s since May this year.

Two of the requests, Puglia A and B,  are located 22 km off the coast of Puglia. Puglia A has a capacity of 1,005 MW, consisting of 67 turbines located between Vieste and Molfetta. Puglia B's capacity totals 930 MW, consisting of 62 turbines located between Bari and Barletta.

Acciona is planning to secure good coverage of Italy with the three remaining requests located in the Ionian Sea, Sardinian sea and in the Strait of Sicilia. The project in the Ionian Sea is 555 MW, consisting of 37 turbines, located 23 km from the Calabrian coast of Punta Stilo. The project in the Sardinian Sea is 480 MW, consisting of 32 turbines, located 35 km off the western coast of Sardinia, between Capo Marargiu and Capo Mannu. The project in the Strait of Sicilia is 1,020 MW, consisting of 68 turbines, located 36 km north-east from the island of Linosa.

Back in May, Acciona Energía announced that it acquired 24% of the capital of the French company Eolink, which is developing floating foundations for offshore wind energy.
Eolink was created in November 2015 with the aim to develop an innovative floating wind concept where four arms replace the classic single mast supporting the turbine. According to Eolink, it allows for a lighter structure and a better distribution of the load, reducing installation and maintenance operations. In addition, the wind turbine’s anchoring system is designed to allow it to change its position naturally to face the wind.