Acta Aurica officially named

UlsteinThe W2W offshore wind vessel, Acta Auriga was officially named by lady sponsor Ingelore Hering in a ceremony in Emden, Germany.

The Construction Support Vessel / Service Operation Vessel Acta Auriga was delivered from Ulstein Verft ahead of time, in March 2018. 

Acta Auriga is an Ulstein designed X-bow & X-stern DP2 offshore support vessel equipped with SMST motion compensated gangway with integrated elevator and crane functionality. Measuring 93m in length and 18m wide, it has been designed to provide walk-to-work transfer of personnel and cargo in significant wave heights up to 3m.

During construction, the vessel was assigned to her first mission, a two-year contract for Ocean Breeze Energy on the offshore wind farm
BARD Offshore 1. The vessel has been performing operations at the wind farm for over a month now.

Acta Marine has ordered a vessel number two from Ulstein Verft. The shipbuilding project is underway, and delivery is set to Q2 2019.

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