Aker Solutions, DeepOcean and Solstad Offshore form renewables alliance

Aker Solutions ASA (Aker Solutions), DeepOcean Norway AS (DeepOcean) and Solstad Offshore ASA (Solstad Offshore) have joined forces to create Windstaller Alliance. The new partnership aims to provide product supply, fabrication and marine services within offshore wind. The alliance will also pursue other offshore renewables segments.

The Windstaller Alliance will market the three companies’ offering, identify and pursue business opportunities where they cost-efficiently can combine their technologies, capabilities, experience and resources to deliver an unrivalled service to the offshore renewables sector.

Windstaller Alliance has access to a fabrication and marine services portfolio with related engineering and project management capabilities through Aker Solutions and DeepOcean. Aker Solutions also has more than 15,000 employees and expertise within complex fabrication of substructures for wind turbines, including four yards and a product offering within subsea and topside equipment.

Ocean service provider DeepOcean adds experience from offshore renewables, including dedicated assets for the renewables markets, including trenchers and cable repair spreads. The company provides the alliance with specialised subsea installation and service solutions for offshore renewables through 900 employees, and more than 50 ROVs.

Solstad Offshore, which has supported offshore wind farm installations, operations and maintenance since 2009, contributes through a global presence with more than 3,600 employees and a fleet of 90 vessels available to the alliance.

“Today’s supply chain for the offshore renewables market is highly fragmented and, in our view, sub-optimal in terms of efficiency, cost, risk and environmental footprint. Windstaller Alliance is able to take an integrated approach where appropriate, while unlocking value for both operators and suppliers, at the same time reducing the total carbon footprint of offshore renewable projects,”
commented Guro Høyaas Løken, Head of the Windstaller Alliance.

“In terms of competence, size and asset base, Windstaller Alliance’s offering is probably unrivalled in the marketplace. However, it is how we will integrate and join the three companies’ offerings that will create the real value for both operators and us suppliers,”
said Lars Peder Solstad, CEO of Solstad Offshore.  

“Windstaller Alliance can also offer project management capabilities. We believe we have an ideal set-up to tear down existing efficiency silos, reduce project risk and client cost. However, we will of course also provide a fully flexible delivery and contracting model tailored to clients’ needs. The difference is that they can obtain life-of-field support in one place,”
said Øyvind Mikaelsen, CEO of DeepOcean.

“Aker Solutions is one of few contractors able to offer complete product solutions for offshore wind farms, including substructures and topsides for offshore wind power platforms, subsea solutions and offshore installation. Together with the alliance partners, we are dedicated to supporting the offshore renewables industry. Through the use of modern, low-emission vessels and a range of services specially designed for the renewables market, our biggest contribution to the industry will be to do things in a safer, smarter and more sustainable way,”
said Stephen Bull, executive vice president of renewables at Aker Solutions.

Windstaller has also outlined a commitment to reach a zero emissions target. Supporting this goal, Aker Solutions, DeepOcean and Solstad Offshore have all announced targets to cut emissions by 45-50 percent by 2030.

A third of DeepOcean’s fleet is aimed to be on hybrid power by 2022, and the company considers a pilot upgrade to hydrogen fuel cells. Solstad Offshore’s fleet currently has 15 vessels on battery or shore power, and the company expects to upgrade 30 percent of its 90-strong vessel fleet to hybrid solutions by 2025. Aker Solutions, meanwhile, aims to achieve a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030.