Anbaric submits offshore wind transmission bids

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 20/09/2021 Anbaric
Anbaric Development Partners has submitted to PJM a portfolio of 19 projects to deliver offshore wind into New Jersey, including a transmission network that aims to maximise the delivery of offshore wind into the grid.

PJM is conducting this procurement on behalf of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU). Anbaric partnered in its submission with Ferreira Construction, a New Jersey utility and civil contractor, and Anbaric’s investor, the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (Ontario Teachers’).

Among its bids, Anbaric has included the Boardwalk Powerlink Project, which delivers up to 2,800 MW of offshore wind to the Deans substation in South Brunswick, New Jersey. Anbaric has been developing this project for almost eight years and the project is largely designed and permitted, providing a shovel-ready project option.

“We are honored to participate in this remarkable procurement and to showcase the critical role transmission will play in New Jersey’s clean energy future,”
said Janice Fuller, President, Mid-Atlantic for Anbaric. “This solicitation embodies Governor Murphy’s nation-leading commitment to scale the offshore wind industry while also achieving aggressive clean energy goals set forth by the Administration and boosting investment in the State. Anbaric’s suite of proposals present the lowest-cost, most efficient way to proceed with offshore wind transmission: an open-access, planned system modeled after successful systems already in operation in Europe that we have been advocating for here in New Jersey. If transmission infrastructure can reduce costs and fortify the grid in Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Germany, it can do that here.”  

Also included in Anbaric’s bid package is a commitment of approximately $5 million in community grants for STEM programs.

“Ontario Teachers’ is pleased to invest in Anbaric and be a partner on this transformative bid application. Recognizing the long-term transmission needs associated with the clean energy transition, Ontario Teachers’ invested in Anbaric four years ago as the company first proposed a clean ocean grid and began working to develop projects that aligned with that vision. Ontario Teachers’ and Anbaric are committed to the development of cost-efficient clean energy to address the immediate threat of climate change,”
said Chris Ireland, Managing Director, Greenfield Investments and Renewables at Ontario Teachers’.

“Ferreira is committed to making New Jersey’s clean energy goals a reality,”
said Nelson Ferreira, President, CEO and Founder of Ferreira Construction. “This submission offers one of the state’s best opportunities to make that happen. It’s forward-thinking, environmentally conscious, and works on a scale we have not seen before. We are honored to be a partner in this endeavor and look forward to getting to work should this submission be chosen.”

As announced earlier this year, Anbaric engaged DNV, to help develop the solutions put forth in the bids submitted.