Arup named technical advisor for Ørsted and ATP's energy island

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 10/05/2022 Arup
Ørsted and ATP have named Arup as Technical Advisor for the North Sea Energy Island project in Denmark, an artificial island designed to support wind energy deployment.  

In Spring 2021, Ørsted and ATP joined forces to develop a concept for the upcoming Denmark's tender for an energy island in the Danish North Sea. The small artificial island is to consist of flexible modules that can be added and replaced as required. The modules are built onshore and connected to the North Sea Energy Island, meaning that the island can easily be upgraded to accommodate more than the 10 GW. It can also be adapted to accommodate other technologies.

“Bold engineering has an essential role to play in the transition towards a more sustainable future. For some time, Arup has been supporting Ørsted + ATP in creating a vision for a viable artificial energy island that will drive positive change. We are proud to be part of a project that will not only redefine the future for a greener Europe, but also help us transition out of fossil fuels and towards sustainable energy sources. Our deep domain knowledge in reclamation projects, combined with our strong local expertise, make Arup a fantastic partner for the North Sea Energy Island project”,
said Director and Copenhagen Office Leader Christian Allison.

“The North Sea Energy Island will be one of the most important and complex infrastructure projects in Denmark. Working with Arup and our partners, we’re confident that we can deliver a future-proof project that will become a cornerstone in the Danish and European green transformation, for decades to come. We believe that the energy island should embody innovation and sustainability, and we believe that we have gathered a list of strong partners to help realise these ambitions”,
said Søren Scherfig, Head of Development for the North Sea Energy Island, Ørsted.