Belgium breaks renewables records

In: Windfarms
Renewable power generation in Belgium enjoyed a record breaking year in 2019, according to electricity transmission system operator Elia. Renewable generation increased by 17% in 2019 compared to 2018 (11.52 TWh in 2019 as against 9.82 TWh in 2018). The relatively high amount of solar energy generated in the summer and higher wind generation during the winter constituted the lion's share of renewable energy.

A new record was set in December 2019, when renewables accounted for 16% of the month's energy load, reaching 1.17 TWh. This was the highest ever recorded in Belgium. Offshore and onshore generation records were also broken in December 2019, with 616 GWh generated by offshore wind (previous record: 517 GWh in October 2019) and 499 GWh by onshore wind (previous record: 460 GWh in March 2019).

Belgium exported more electricity in 2019 than it imported. This is a turnaround compared to 2018, when the country imported significant quantities of electricity. This reversal turned Belgium from an overall net importer in 2018 (17.5 TWh imported/20% of the energy mix) into an overall net exporter in 2019 (1.8 TWh exported/2.1% of the energy mix).

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