BOA to give Adwen electrcians transit

BOAOCV BOA Sub C commenced a five months contract with Adwen on the 17th of April for accommodation and walk to work duties.

BOA Sub C will be in charge of transporting Adwen’s turbine electricians during the annual maintenance campaign for its installed wind turbines offshore.

The workers will be safely transferred from vessel to turbine and back again by the installed Ampelmann E-Type E 1000. The foundation of the gangway system, the pedestal, has been engineered and designed by BOA and installed onboard its vessel to integrate with the walk to work self-stabilizing heave compensated gangway system.

The self-stabilizing gangway systems compensate for the vessel motion, providing safe offshore access for the employees to “Walk-to-work”. The gangway can also be transformed into a crane boom with up to 1000kg lifting capacity at 30m range. In addition, a boat-landing is installed for easy boarding from crew transfer vessels escorting personnel to/from shore.

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