BOEM extends comment period for New York wind energy areas

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 10/09/2021 BOEM
On 10 August, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) announced the availability of a draft Environmental Assessment (EA) that assesses the potential impacts of the issuance of commercial and research leases within the nearly 800,000-acre wind energy areas of the New York Bight. It also concerned granting of rights-of-way and rights-of-use and easement in the region.

Many stakeholders have since requested more time to review the draft EA. Additionally, recent weather events in the region and technical issues with the BOEM website may have impacted some stakeholders’ ability to review. As a result, BOEM is extending the comment period for the draft EA until 23 September 2021.

BOEM originally published a proposed sale notice (PSN) for eight potential lease areas within these WEAs, representing over 7 GW of offshore wind capacity. It noted that the sites could have the potential to power up to 2.6 million homes. The New York Bight WEAs are located in an area of shallow waters between Long Island (to the north and east) and the New Jersey coast (to the south and west).

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