Bourbon Subsea Services scores contract for TetraSpar Demo

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Bourbon Subsea Services has been tasked to manage the transportation and installation of the TetraSpar Demonstrator ApS
3.6 MW Floating Wind Turbine prototype.

This new turnkey stage includes project management, engineering, installation and offshore execution from assembly port in Denmark until hook up and Inter Array Cable installation on Metcenter Test site in Norway this summer.

The TetraSpar Demonstrator features of a modular “building block” foundation arrangement. Each foundation is assembled from tubular steel modules, most of which are common to all configurations. Manufacturing takes place in factories using industrialised methods, and their assembly takes place near the site before towing.

Another particularity of TetraSpar Demonstrator is a keel deployed 50m beneath the floater, to provide stability. This keel deployment is the main challenge for the offshore installation. Bourbon Subsea Services stated it will deploy an innovative methodology to connect this keel to the floater in port and later on once offshore, to lower it safely and efficiently.

Henrik Stiesdal, Chairman of the board of directors of TetraSpar Demonstrator ApS, said: "We have been very pleased to work with Bourbon Subsea Services during the first phases of the project. Bourbon Subsea Services bring valuable experience from floating wind execution to the team, and all the partners welcome their continued contribution as we move forward to the exciting next phases of the project."

“We are particularly honoured to have reached this final phase of the TetraSpar Demonstrator project. This is the result of a long-term team collaboration between Bourbon Subsea Services and TetraSpar Demonstrator APS. It demonstrates our capacity to deliver safe and innovative solution in a highly cost constrained environment. We look forward to supporting TetraSpar Demonstrator ApS and its partners in successfully delivering this installation.”
said Patrick Belenfant, CEO of Bourbon Subsea Services.

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