Brazilian Government opens offshore wind public consultations

The Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) has invited views from the public on two draft ordinances which include proposals aiming to foster offshore wind development.

The ordinances were launched under decree 10.946, which regulates the construction and operation of offshore wind projects in Brazilian waters. It came into effect in June 2022.

The first public consolation, part of Ordinance No. 685/GM/MME (5 September 2022), concerns the delegation of power to the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL) to assign contracts and formalise them. Furthermore it includes guidelines on the deadlines and conditions for the issuance of Previous Interference Declarations (DIPs). It also contains better definition of the criteria for judging the bidding with the highest economic return.

Public Consultation No. 135/2022 , opened by Ordinance No. 686/GM/MME, of (5 September 2022) , includes  guidelines for the creation, development and use of a Single Portal for the Management of Offshore Areas for Generation of Energy (PUG-offshore).  According to MME, prioritising the use of the Single Portal is an important step towards simplification, modernisation and transparency of the processes established in the Decree and detailed in the MME's complementary Ordinance proposal.

Brazil is an increasingly popular market for offshore wind developers, with over 60 FCA requests currently filed. The government is currently attempting to make regulatory changes before ahead of lease auctions in the coming years.