Britain broke clean energy record in April

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National Grid ESO (NG ESO) announced that in April, it saw one of Britain’s most significant clean energy records broken. On Easter Monday the country’s electricity grid was the greenest it’s ever been, with its carbon intensity – the measure of CO2 emissions per unit of electricity consumed – dropping to an all-time low of 39 gCO2/kWh.

It happened at 1pm in the afternoon when the generation mix was dominated by zero carbon power sources – over 80% of electricity was being produced by either wind, solar, nuclear or hydro.

NG ESO stated that low carbon records often happen around spring and summer national holidays, when lower demand combines with windy and sunny conditions – meaning more cleaner power sources in the mix. The previous carbon intensity record was on May 24 last year – another windy, sunny bank holiday weekend which contributed to that month becoming the greenest on record.

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