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Ørsted has announced the completion of export cable installation at Hornsea Project One, located 120km off the Yorkshire coast. Currently under construction, the wind farm is poised to be the world’s largest wind farm array when commissioned in 2020.

With offshore export cables totalling 467km, around the same distance as London to Newcastle, plus an onshore cable route of 38km connecting each of the three strings to the national grid, it is the longest AC offshore wind export cable system ever to have been installed. According to Ørsted , it was completed months ahead of schedule.

When fully operational in 2020,
Hornsea Project One's 174 SWT-7.0-154 turbines are expected to generate enough clean electricity for well over one million homes. The electricity generated by the turbines 120km out at sea will pass through one of three offshore substations, before being carried by three high voltage subsea export cables (245kV), via the reactive compensation station, to shore.

Duncan Clark, Programme Director for Hornsea Projects One and Two, said: “This record-breaking project is a step up in scale from the offshore wind farms we have today. It will be the first offshore wind farm in the world with a capacity over 1GW, and at 120km out to sea, we are pioneering new technology and really at the forefront of scaling up clean energy infrastructure with each phase we complete.

“I’d personally like to thank our team including all of the contractors who have enabled us to reach this milestone ahead of schedule. Over 35 vessels were involved in delivering the installation, which was conducted safely and efficiently by all.  An incredible feat of logistical coordination, and truly a landmark achievement for both the project and the growing offshore wind industry across the globe.”

Termination and testing is also being completed ahead of schedule, and is expected to conclude within the first months of the New Year. So far over 100 of the 174 foundations for
Hornsea Project One have now been installed, and turbine installation is expected to commence in Q1 2019.

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