Capital Energy and BlueFloat Energy unveil offshore wind plans for Tenerife

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 17/06/2022 BlueFloat Energy
Spanish energy company Capital Energy and offshore wind developer BlueFloat Energy have joined forces in Tenerife to develop the Granadilla offshore wind farm, the first in Spanish port waters.

The Granadilla project will be located near the Tenerife port of the same name and is expected to require an investment of more than €120 million. This offshore wind farm will have an installed capacity of 50 MW, featuring five 10 MW turbines placed on gravity-based foundations made of concrete, using Elisa technology developed by the engineering company Esteyco. The bulk of the energy generated by this asset will be used for the port facilities and its concessionaires, within the framework of the Port Authority of Tenerife’s commitment to the decarbonisation of its operations.

The project has already commenced application for the administrative concession of the area of water in the port area from the Tenerife Port Authority, having completed the tender process and moved into the comments phase, which will be analysed in detail. At the same time, BlueFloat Energy and Capital Energy have conducted presentations for the various local stakeholders with the aim of maximising transparency and territorial integration. The next step will be to start the characterisation of the offshore wind farm through environmental campaigns and the related Environmental Impact Assessment.

The foundations are to be built in the Port of Granadilla itself, where the turbines will also be assembled. Furthermore, the project is set to use a new gravity-based foundation design.

According to Pablo Alcón Valero, Offshore Manager at Capital Energy, said: “Granadilla is part of our firm commitment to offshore wind and our commitment to the Canary Islands, where we have been working with the supply chain for months. This offshore wind farm could be the curtain lifter for offshore wind in Spain, and we are thrilled to have teamed up with BlueFloat Energy, a Spanish company of recognised prestige in the industry.”

Javier Monfort, Country Manager at BlueFloat Energy, commented: “The Granadilla offshore wind farm project is an unbeatable opportunity to introduce offshore wind energy in port areas, taking advantage of the unique and singular value of these infrastructures. We hope to successfully implement this driving project for the preparation and development of the supply chain in Spain, together with our partner Capital Energy, a leader in onshore solar photovoltaic and wind technology developments.”