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Corio plans over 5 GW in Brazil

4C Offshore | James Bernthal-Hooker
By: James Bernthal-Hooker 13/06/2022 Corio Generation
Corio Generation has announced plans for five fixed-bottom offshore wind farms in Brazil, exceeding 5 GW in capacity. A portfolio company of Macquarie’s Green Investment Group, Corio Generation was launched in April 2022 and now has a worldwide offshore wind development portfolio of more than 20 GW.

The five projects in Brazil are currently in very early stages, with proposals for site investigation licenses (FCAs) residing with maritime authority IBAMA. Corio plans to develop these alongside Servtec, a Brazilian power generation company.

The partner, who have been analysing the market for more than 18 months, are aiming to apply for leases in Brazil’s north-eastern, south-eastern, and southern maritime areas. Individual project sizes would range from 500 MW to 1.2 GW.
The specific projects are:
Costa Nordeste Offshore, North-east coast of Brazil, 1,200+ MW; Vitoria Offshore, South-east coast of Brazil, 495+ MW; Guarita Offshore, South coast of Brazil, 1,200+ MW; Cassino Offshore, South coast of Brazil, 1,200+ MW; Rio Grande Offshore, South coast of Brazil, 1,170+ MW.

“Brazil is blessed with immense wind resources along its coastline, offering a vital new source of clean, affordable and reliable energy. We see huge opportunity for harnessing Brazil’s ocean wind energy, bringing economic investment and green jobs to the country”, said Jonathan Cole, CEO of Corio Generation.

“This is an historic day for Corio, marking our company’s entry into the Americas. As a specialist developer of offshore wind energy, with strong industrial expertise and deep access to long-term capital, Corio is delighted to partner with Servtec, one of the most respected renewable generation developers in Brazil.”

Brazil is an increasingly popular market for offshore wind developers, with over 130 GW-worth of FCA requests currently filed. Currently, no such projects are installed, but recent regulatory changes have given much hope and clarity to developers. The government is reportedly considering lease auctions in the coming years.

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