Crete- Attica interconnection in the process of fibre optic cables installation

Installation of two fibre optic cables, from Attica to Heraklion, is now underway on the Crete-Attica interconnection. According to the renewed schedule, two fibre optic cables, with a total length of 765 km (2 with 335 km submarine cable and 2 with 43 km underground cable) will be laid within~6 months’ time period, started in October 2021. With its completion, the interconnection of the island with the land telecommunication networks and the data centres will be significantly enhanced.

Nexans new cable laying vessel, Aurora, is expected to start HVDC cable installation on the
project in the beginning of December 2021. The seabed surveys of the cable route were completed in July 2021, with the construction of both the converter stations well underway.
The project is comprised of two phases, the first phase of 360 MW
Crete- Peloponnese interconnection was completed in May 2021, and the second phase of 1,000 MW Crete-Attica interconnection is currently under construction. The 500 kV Crete-Attica interconnection will include, 2 submarine cables 340 km each, 2 onshore cables 43 km each, 2 fibre optic cables along the whole land and sea route, and 2 converter stations on both sides of the interconnection.

Cable manufacturers Nexans, NKT, Hellenic Cables and Prysmian were contracted to supply and install offshore and onshore cables. The details of their contracts include: Nexans was awarded an EPCI contract for one of the two 340 km submarine cables; Prysmian is responsible for design supply and installation of the second 340 km HVDC submarine cable, along with 670 km fibre optic cable; and NKT, Prysmian, Nexans and Hellenic cable will carry out turnkey contract for the onshore cabling. In addition, a consortium of Siemens and TERNA will complete a turnkey contract for 2 converter stations.

€1 billion project is expected to commission in 2024. Once the project is complete, the reduction of utility charges will result in €550 million profit for the consumers, reaching to €1 billion in 2030.

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