Crew missing after jack-up capsizes in China

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 26/07/2021 4C Offshore
The newly converted wind turbine jack up vessel Sheng Ping 001 has capsized off the coast of Guangdong in the the South China Sea. There were 67 people aboard at the time of the incident, with 63 now safely rescued and four still missing.

At 11:00 local time in the Red Bay area of Huizhou, the vessel started listing whilst working at a CGN New energy offshore wind project. The vessel then started taking on water and capsizing. Local maritime authorities were notified and initiated rescue operations, which included the launch of search and rescue helicopters.

Since the capsize, the vessel has been stabilised and rescue operations are still underway involving nearly 10 vessels and rescue helicopters.

This Sheng Ping 001, formerly Teras Fortress 2, only started operations last month after upgrades were completed to convert it from an offshore supply ship to an installation vessel. It is owned by Virgo Shipping, which acquired the vessel from Enzion Holdings for around $22 million. It measures 92 metres in length, with a width of 54 metres and gross tonnage of 6,7000 tons. It was fitted with a 1,6000 tone crane for offshore installation operations.