CTCI MAC scores contract for Zhong Neng wind farm

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CTCI Machinery Corporation (CTCI MAC), a subsidiary of CTCI, has signed a contract with China Steel Power Corporation to supply nearly one hundred pin piles for the Zhong Neng offshore wind farm off Changhua coast in central Taiwan.

Four production lines will be set up at CTCI MAC’s 50,000 m2 Ta-Lin Shop in Kaohsiung’s Nansing Free Trade Zone. The proximity to port will allow efficient transportation to offshore sites once pin piles are ready for load out, from March 2023.

“CTCI MAC has over 40 years of expertise manufacturing pressure vessels,”
said CTCI MAC Chairman Yun-Peng Tan. “Thanks to our previous experience in offshore wind projects, we are now capable of carrying out simultaneous welding tasks with four -SAW welding machines on sections even with various section diameters. Our exceptional performance in welding efficiency and low percentage rate of clip and shave have surpassed European counterparts, according to the German consulting technicians at CTCI MAC plant.

“CTCI MAC is a reliable partner capable of meeting client needs with flexible production and stable supply, showing professionalism in every aspect, including production planning, quality control, HSE, and transport”

Zhong Neng offshore wind farm is owned by the China Steel Corporation, Diamond Generating Asia, Limited, Copenhagen Infrastructure III K/S and Taiwan Life Insurance Co., Ltd. The project is located in the Taiwan Strait, roughly 10km off Taichung and is expected to enter offshore construction in 2023. Commercial operation of the 300 MW wind farm is expected to begin in 2024, supplying power to up to 300,000 households.

This is the third time in two years CTCI MAC has been awarded foundation supply contract for offshore wind farm in Taiwan. Last year, CTCI MAC was contracted to manufacture transition pieces for 40 wind turbines at wpd’s
Yunlin project, followed by supplying pin piles to CIP’s ChangFang and Xidao offshore wind farms this April.

Taiwan holds strong potential for renewable energies, with its positive government outlook. After deciding to phase out nuclear power by 2025 – with nuclear energy accounting for some 40% of power generation in the past – the Taiwanese government aims to make up for the resulting shortfall by expanding renewable energies, especially offshore wind power. The government expects to see 15.5 GW of offshore wind in operations by 2035, with 10 GW installed between 2026 and 2035.

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