Danes link with Germans

50Hertz50Hertz announce that both offshore cables of the Combined Grid Solution, Kriegers Flak, the first interconnector linking the Danish and the German transmission grids in combination with the infrastructure of offshore wind farm grid connection, have been installed.

As planned, the second 25km long submarine cable for the link has been laid on the Danish platform of the
Kriegers Flak wind farm. The starting point for the installation of both cables was the German platform Baltic 2.

Elke Kwapis of 50Hertz, project manager of the Combined Grid Solution – Kriegers Flak (CGS): "These are great news. In the business everybody knows how complex the installation of submarine cables can become; especially in this case we have pulled in the cables without any interruption of the operating platform (Baltic 2).

"Due to the very good cooperation with the Danish TSO Energinet as well as with our colleagues from the Regional Center North and the platform operator EnBW we have reached this important milestone.“

"Everyone in the industry knows that it's a complex exercise to make offshore cable wiring. At Baltic 2, the operation was further hampered by the fact that the platform was in operation and collected power from the German Baltic 2 wind farm," says project manager from Energinet, Per Obbekær. 

The operation has required planning and coordination between ship, platforms and crew on land, but thepreparation gave a boost. From 23 June to 5 July 2018 all four cable ducts were completed, two on Baltic 2 and two at Kriegers Flak. Over 50 men were involved in day-to-day operations.

"It has exceeded all expectations and faster than we planned for the good weather conditions. At the same time, there has been good cooperation between the many different parties," says Per Obbekær.

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