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Danish developers have been granted another extension to prepare the feasibility and environmental report for the Frederikshavn Offshore Wind Demo, located approximately 4.5 km east of Frederikshavn Harbour.

The Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate awarded an exploration permit to European Energy A / S in December 2018 to conduct feasibility studies for a new offshore wind demonstration project. The pre-investigation permit was originally valid until 1st January 2020 and the results were to be compiled in an environmental impact report, due to be submitted to the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) by 31st December 2020.

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) later approved requests to extend the pre-investigation permit to 30th October 2020 so "that the quality of the feasibility study report came to live up to the Environmental Assessment Act provisions."

European Energy subsequently requested a second extension to the permit and the report deadline as it needed more time to conduct new seabed mappings, interpretation and mapping of the export cable corridor. The permit and report submission date were pushed back to 31st March 2021.

In mid-March 2021, with the looming deadline, European Energy applied for and was approved yet another 3 month extension to submit a feasibility study report.

This time the cause is associated a supplementary delimitation statement prepared by the Frederikshavn Municipality in February 2021. The statement concerns the recommended scope of the environmental impact report in relation to the parts of the project that are to be established on land.

The export cable is expected to come ashore and connect to the existing 10/60 kV station "Nordhavn" at Frederikshavn Harbor, via a new transformer. A cable then connects to the 60/150 kV "Starbakke" substation, located west of Frederikshavn. The Municipality is questioning whether the cable between the two onshore substations is sufficient to transport the power from the offshore wind turbines. The Municipality considers it necessary that the environmental impact report also assess whether a more powerful cable will be needed. The local grid company Elinord (formerly Frederikshavn Elnet A / S) will be responsible for any reinforcement or expansion of the cable route (60 kV) to Starbakke Station, which is owned by Energinet.

The DEA previously prepared a delimitation statement in November 2019 but this only covered the onshore components at a general level. Consequently the DEA has also updated its delimitation statement and both statements form the overall basis for the preparation of an environmental impact report. Hence the report deadline has been extended until 30th June 2021.

Frederikshavn Offshore Wind Demo includes the erection of up to 5 offshore wind turbines with an installed capacity of between 21.6-72 MW within an approximately 5.5 km2 large area. The individual turbines will have a maximum height of 265 m. Construction start is scheduled for 2023-2024, with commissioning nine months later.

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