Danish Energy Agency opens market dialogue on North Sea Energy Island

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 07/09/2021 DEA

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has invited potential tenderers to participate in an orientation meeting as part of the second market dialogue regarding the procurement framework for the construction and co-ownership of the energy island in the North Sea.

The artificial energy island is being developed in an effort to form a connection between several countries and offshore wind farms in the North Sea. It is envisioned with a starting capacity of 3 GW from connected offshore wind farms. The capacity may increase to 10 GW in future. The total investments for the island itself, infrastructure and associated offshore wind farms will be approximately DKK 210 billion (€28 billion or £24 billion).

Last week, an agreement was reached between political parties in Denmark regarding the framework for supply and ownership of the energy island. Under the framework, the state will hold at least 50.1 percent ownership of the island, with the winning bidder responsible for its construction. Interested parties are welcome to form consortiums with investors, developers and contractors to submit joint bids.

In light of the political agreement of 1 September 2021 on the basic procurement framework for the co-ownership and construction of the energy island in the North Sea, the DEA has now invited potential tenderers to participate in a physical or virtual orientation meeting.

The orientation meeting will launch the second market dialogue on the procurement framework for the construction and co-ownership of the energy island as well as providing potential tenderers the opportunity to get an overview and further details of the decisions from the political agreement. The orientation meeting will also inform participants on the further process towards the launch of the tender process.

The meeting will take place on 15 September in Copenhagen.

The target audience for the orientation meeting as well as the market dialogue in general are potential Joint Venture Partners to the Danish State. Potential Joint Venture partners are welcome to join the market dialogue by themselves or accompanied by key consortia partners/suppliers. Registrations are required no later than Tuesday 14th September at 12 AM (Danish time).

After the orientation meeting, the DEA will publish a Discussion Paper II and request for written comments and answers to the questions raised in the paper.

Potential tenderers which have submitted detailed written answers that raise the need for further dialogue will later be selected to participate in bilateral dialogue meetings with the DEA.

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