Danish government proposes wind energy islands

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The Danish Ministry of Finance has proposed to establish two offshore wind energy islands as part of a its climate action plans. In envisions the islands will supply 4 GW of offshore wind or more than twice as much as is listed today.

In addition to offshore wind energy islands, the governments plan includes investing massively in the green technologies, increasing energy efficiency, ensuring green heat, transforming the industry and creating an entirely green waste sector.

The plan includes initiatives that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the shorter run. At the same time, considerable investments are being made in the development of the green technologies of the future, which will create the foundation for long-term greenhouse gas reductions.

The government will present further proposals on towards the end of summer. The Danish Parliament will convene for the first negotiations of the proposal next week.

"The corona crisis is serious, but it has only made the need to think about the development of Denmark greater. A development that must be both green and economically wise. We must have the courage to change as we build. Therefore, the government today presents a plan that creates the foundation for thousands of green jobs. The first of many steps towards a sustainable future in which we secure Denmark and Danish companies the green driving position. We are proud to present changes that will have a significant impact on Denmark. Not just now and here or in 2030, but far into the future," says Finance Minister Nicolai Wammen. 

"Denmark must be a green pioneer country, which is why we hold on to the high climate ambitions - even if we are in the midst of a historic crisis. With the establishment of the world's first two energy islands, we embark on a whole new era in the Danish wind adventure. We are increasing the amount of sea wind massively, and at the same time we will be able to use the green power in the tanks of trucks, cargo ships and aircraft. We present a package that delivers both CO2 reductions in the short term and paves the way for future climate neutral Denmark," says climate minister Dan Jørgensen.

Denmark has over 1,700 MW of offshore wind power in operation including the recently commissioned
Horns Rev 3 project. Kriegers Flak is under construction with the installation of the foundations expected to run into the autumn this year. The installation of turbines is scheduled to start in 2021.

Later this year, the Danish government will issues a formal contract notice  to officially launch the tendering process and pre-qualification phase for the
Thor offshore wind farm. A concession winner is expected to be chosen by the end of 2021. The 800-1000 MW Thor wind area is located 20 km off the West Coast of Jutland in North Sea and will be the first of three projects included in the 2018 Energy Agreement to be built over the next decade.
Yesterday (19 May 2020), the Danish Energy Agency and the Vietnamese Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority are preparing an Input to Roadmap report for offshore wind development in Vietnam. Authorities from the two countries organised a webinar to discuss the most important governmental steps to move the expansion of offshore wind forward. Participants came together online to review the Input to Roadmap report for offshore wind development and discuss which steps the Vietnamese government can take to streamline this process.

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