Danish Minister green lights Baltic Interconnector

by Tom Russell in Interconnectors Windfarms 05/02/2016 Energinet.dk

The Danish energy, power and thermal Minister Lars Christian Lilleholt approved Energinet.dk's application for investment in a new power cable that will link the East Danish and German power grid through the Baltic Sea.

With the approval, the Danish-German project now begin to enter into contracts with suppliers in order to meet the completion deadline, scheduled for the end of 2018.
"The Minister's approval is important and helps to shape the future of cross-border electricity market, how much more electricity to be traded back and forth across borders. Danish power plants and wind turbine owners can on the one hand sell more power to German consumers and monetize it. On the other hand, Danish consumers buying power in Germany, for example. when it is not blowing, and wind turbines are stationary. This makes the green transition cheaper and more efficient,"
says Torben Glar Nielsen, technical director of Energinet.dk.
The 400MW connection is a joint project between Energinet.dk and the German electricity transmission operator 50Hertz. Energinet.dk explained that it is the first electricity interconnector between the two countries which also connects two countries' offshore wind farms together.

The Danish offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak, which parliament with energy agreement from 2012 decided to build in the Baltic Sea, coupled with the submarine, the German side goes out to the two German offshore wind farm Baltic 1 and Baltic 2.

Energinet.dk explained that the Combined Grid Solution (CGS), valued at EUR 320 million, can also export electricity generated from power plants, wind turbines, solar cells, etc. on land for consumers in the other country, contributing to a higher energy security for both Denmark and Germany.

An electricity plant built in Bentwisch in order to synchronise power from the East Danish and German systems.

The European Commission has designated Kriegers Flak as a Project of Common Interest, and the EU has indicated to support the project with up to 150 million euros from the European Energy Programme for Recovery.

Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm, located in the Baltic Sea, will have a capacity of 600 MW and will supply approximately 600,000 households with electricity. The wind farm is expected to be in operation before the end of 2021.

Energinet.dk is responsible for the construction of the offshore and onshore grid connection for integration of electricity generated from Kriegers Flak.

There is intense competition to build the Kriegers Flak project, with eight applications submitted to the Danish Energy Agency prior to the October 2015 deadline. Since the deadline seven companies/consortia have pre-qualified to bid on the project.

For more information about Kriegers Flak, please follow the links provided. Alternatively you can view the project on our interactive map which also displays interconnector cable routes.

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