DeepOcean RECONNECT's cable solutions

DeepOceanDeepOcean's service, RECONNECT, has been established to deliver a reliable and effective cable repair services. The scheme is committed to reducing the likelihood, time, and costs associated with repairing or replacing subsea power cables.

RECONNECT aims to do so through periodic inspection and maintenance, whilst reducing the impact upon the operator should a cable failure occur. Building upon DeepOcean’s foundation as an Inspection, Maintenance and Repair contractor, and with expanding capabilities in subsea power cable installation; DeepOcean RECONNECT delivers a cable repair service with a primary focus of safeguarding subsea cable systems.

DeepOcean claims the benefits of RECONNECT include solutions on array, export and interconnector cables, in both shallow and deep waters. Rapid mobilisation and reduction of response time, as well a 24/7 emergency contact point. DeepOcean also says it will perform the cable decommissioning, recovery and disposal, as well as storage of the cables.

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