DEME, Qair and Aspiravi unveil joint ScotWind bid

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 14/09/2021 DEME Group
Thistle Wind Partners (TWP), a consortium composed of DEME Concessions NV, Qair Marine SAS, and Aspiravi International NV, has revealed its participation in Crown Estate Scotland’s ScotWind seabed leasing process.

Thistle Wind Partners stated they have undertaken an extensive assessment of the environmental (particularly ornithology, marine fish and mammals, and commercial fisheries) and technical aspects of the ScotWind sites (both offshore and onshore). Additionally, to secure a fast tracked, de-risked development, the consortium has conducted focused site-specific technology optioneering, in-depth evaluation of the current and planned grid capacity infrastructure, and developed a comprehensive risk mitigation plan.

DEME Concessions Wind has developed over 1.5 GW of offshore wind projects in Europe with increasing focus on the UK. It provides equity, project finance structuring, and specific technical knowhow, with the support of the various activity lines of the DEME Group.

Qair Marine, the wholly owned subsidiary of Qair dedicated to offshore wind, develops floating offshore wind including the development of EolMed in the French Mediterranean and the operations and maintenance of Floatgen, the first floating offshore wind turbine in France. Qair owns and operates 500 MW exclusively from renewable sources. Globally, the group is in the construction and financing phase of an additional 700 MW and targets an installed capacity of 5 GW within five years.

Aspiravi International, part of the Aspiravi Group develops, implements, and operates renewable energy projects with a total installed capacity of over 1.5 GW. These projects primarily pertain to wind energy but the Aspiravi Group also owns and operates biomass installations, biogas engines, and hydro-electric installations.

TWP stated it is fully committed to working with Scottish communities and businesses to help develop supply chains and expertise. In the coming months, the consortium will be actively engaging with communities and businesses to understand local capabilities in detail and envision a way of successfully working together.

"As a consortium consisting of partners who have organically grown through bespoke project development, we pledge our project solutions will be tailored to the requirements of the Scottish stakeholders and include a maximum of local supply chain capabilities,"
said Alain Bernard, Chairman and Managing Director of DEME Concessions.

"Qair welcomes the opportunity to contribute to Scotland’s energy transition through the development, the financing, the construction, and the operation of a new wind farm portfolio. We firmly believe speed will be key to successfully tackling climate issues, that is why Qair Scotland will dedicate itself to grow in-line with the market potential of the region. Our ambition is to become a local multi-technology renewable energy producer (onshore and offshore wind, and green hydrogen) and a true driving force enabling Scotland to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045,"
said Louis Blanchard, President of Qair.

"The Aspiravi Group, with almost 20 years of experience in developing, implementing, financing, and operating 1.5 GW of renewable energy projects, combined with the strengths of our partners, makes TWP a reliable party that can play an important role in the energy transition in Scotland,"
said Rik Van de Walle, Managing Director of Aspiravi Holding.