Denmark and Virginia enter offshore wind cooperation

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 11/01/2022 DEA

The Danish Department of Climate, Energy, and Utilities, has entered into a partnership agreement to support  offshore wind implementation with the US state of Virginia.

The US state of Virginia is in the process of establishing one of the world's largest single offshore wind farms to date, the 2.6  GW
Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) commercial scale project. The offshore wind farm is expected to be completed in 2026. Virginia owns some of the largest port facilities on the US East Coast and has ambitions to become a central hub for handling and shipping wind turbines on the US East Coast.

The Danish climate ambitions really make sense when Denmark, as a green pioneer country, can share experiences from our green transition with other countries that are facing having to significantly reduce their CO 2 emissions. I am therefore pleased that we have entered into a partnership agreement with Virginia. The state has great ambitions for offshore wind, and here decades of Danish experience can help ensure that Virginia is successful with offshore wind. Meanwhile, Virginia's expansion of offshore wind helped open and mature markets for green energy - not least from Denmark " , said Minister for Climate, Energy and Supply Minister Dan Jørgensen.

In March 2021, the Biden administration announced a national target of 30 GW of offshore wind by 2030. Virginia's share of these 30 GW is 5.2 GW of offshore wind by 2034. In comparison, the two Danish energy islands will eventually be able to supply around 12 GW of offshore wind.

According to the Danish Energy Agency, part of the Department of Climate, Energy, and Utilities, outlined that there is potential for Danish companies in the American offshore wind market. Several Danish companies are already establishing themselves in the state. Among other things. Bladt Industries and Semco Maritime have received orders in connection with the establishment of the CVOW Project, and Siemens Gamesa is establishing production facilities for wind turbine blades in the state. In addition, Ørsted has been involved in a collaboration on the construction of 12-MW test turbines in Virginia, and Rambøll has been chosen as an advisor to the American energy company Dominion Energy, which will build the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project.

The Ministry of Climate, Energy and Supply, together with the Danish Energy Agency and with assistance from the embassy in Washington since October 2021, has been working on the cooperation agreement with Virginia. The agreement is part of the Danish Energy Agency's regulatory cooperation with a number of US states on green conversion under the Energy Governance Partnership program. The Danish Energy Agency's energy collaboration with US authorities was initiated in 2017. The programme focuses on resp. offshore wind and energy efficiency in buildings and industry at the federal and state levels.