Deutsche Bahn and RWE ink another power agreement

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 06/04/2021 RWE
Deutsche Bahn (DB) and RWE have concluded another agreement for electricity from RWE's Amrumbank West offshore wind farm.

Deutsche Bahn has purchased a further 190 gigawatt hours of power per year from the
Amrumbank West offshore wind farm off Helgoland, which will drive DB's trains in future. This amount alone corresponds to the requirements of almost six days of electric rail operation throughout Germany and starts from 2025.

It follows an announcement at the end of last year that DB had signed a 15-year contract with RWE for more than 260 gigawatt hours of green electricity annually from the wind farm from 2024. Every fourth wind turbine on the
Amrumbank West project will now produce power for Deutsche Bahn.

DB Energie boss Torsten Schein said: “DB is advancing the still young German PPA market. Our consistent path to 100 percent green electricity contributes to the further development of the market for renewable energies in this country. Hydropower has proven itself on the railways for over a hundred years. We see great potential for expansion in solar and wind power. "

Hendrik Niebaum, Head of Commodity Solutions at RWE Supply & Trading, added: “We have a longstanding partnership with Deutsche Bahn. We support them with tailor-made energy solutions and thus help Deutsche Bahn to achieve its ambitious climate protection goals. RWE is one of the world's largest producers of electricity from renewable energies. We are expanding this vigorously, in Germany alone we will invest around one billion euros in further wind and solar systems by 2022."

DB is one of the largest consumers of green electricity in Germany. By 2038, 100% of the electricity powering the company's trains is expected to come from renewables

The 288 MW
Amrumbank West wind farm covers an area of approximately 32 km² and is located around 35 km north of the island of Heligoland and 37 km west of the North Frisian island of Amrum.  It has been in operation since 2015 and features 80 Siemens SWT-3.6-120 wind turbines. The supply volume to Deutsche Bahn requires the capacity of 18 wind turbines, or around one quarter of the annual generation capacity of the offshore wind farm. That’s a total of around 260 MWh. This is enough to supply around 300,000 households with clean energy every year.

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